Civil Liberties Monitoring Project

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Project (CLMP) was formed in 1983 as part of a community response to local activities and abuses by the combined federal, state and local marijuana eradication program called Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP).

A non-profit organization, located in southern Humboldt County, CLMP has relied on community support to continue its efforts.  CLMP monitors, documents, advocates for & educates about civil liberties issues in Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties. The goal is to encourage public awareness of constitutional rights and encouraging involvement of the whole community in preserving and protecting them.

The Citizens’ Observation Group (COG) is a separate but related organization. COG was organized similar to a neighborhood watch, with community volunteers who would go to the places where CAMP and law enforcement were operating with helicopters and ground crews.  The COG motto was, Observe Record and Report.  After going through non-violence and observer trainings, which included learning how to take declarations,  COG teams would  go to the area where CAMP activities were happening to observe, take notes, photos and videos where appropriate.  COG would also gather declarations from people who were the subject of law enforcement activities, and/or who witnessed them.  CLMP would receive this information. 

Members of the Citizens Observation Group (COG) John Boyd (hat), Bob Burke (yellow shirt), Ted Kogon (blue jacket), Al 'Owl' Cerraulo (armband)

Know your rights, protect them, use them!


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John Boyd (hat), Bob Burke (yellow shirt), Ted Kogon (blue...

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