HAPA Unveils Year-Long Exhibit Series
Celebrating Local History at the Clarke Museum

HAPA is launching its 2024 Exhibit Series at the Clarke Historical Museum in Old Town, Eureka, CA. The year-long effort will explore the cultural as well as political life of heretofore neglected community histories.

“The HAPA 2024 Exhibit Series represents a commitment to preserving and sharing our local history in a way that resonates with residents and visitors alike. By collaborating with the community, we aim to create a comprehensive experience that strengthens the ties between HAPA and the community we both serve,” said Nicole Riggs, HAPA Executive Director.

HAPA is committed to the best standards in historical preservation. Collaborative exhibits will broaden the museum’s appeal, attracting diverse audiences. HAPA will work closely with community members to ensure their contributions align with the organization’s standards of historical accuracy. 

An exciting exhibit schedule

In collaboration with community partners, HAPA is thrilled to open its 2024 exhibit schedule with the unveiling of a display of Community Currencies, including Petols, the coins developed in the Mattole watershed, as well as the artfully designed Humboldt Exchange Community Currency. The exhibit will also present the tree-sitting efforts of the Freshwater Forest Defenders, highlighting diverse perspectives of Humboldt’s economic and environmental stakeholders.

Other exhibits in 2024 will include a display of Dell’Arte International’s “Mary Jane: The Musical” featuring Joan Schirle in the title role, a collection of Farmers Markets posters, a display of the Salmon Ceremony revitalized by the Bear River Band, and Scott Holmquist’s chronic freedom series exploring the back-to-the-land movement in Humboldt. 

About the Clarke Historical Museum

The mission of the Clarke Historical Museum is to celebrate the rich and varied history of Northwestern California by preserving, sharing, and interpreting that history in ways that increase knowledge, enrich the spirit, engage the mind, and stimulate the imagination. Clarke Museum Website.

About HAPA:

HAPA is a grassroots historical organization with a mission to preserve, protect, and promote the rare histories of change in Humboldt from the 1960s to now. Through engaging exhibits, educational programs, and preservation efforts, HAPA ensures that our heritage continues to thrive for generations to come.