Red Hot Chili Peppers 1989 Concert at the Mateel Community Center, signed poster. Scott Holmquist collection. (c) HAPA

Pure Schmint Players

Culture is one of those words with layered meanings, a utility word that casts a wide net over multiple aspects of being human.

Perhaps the Situationists put it best: “Culture is the reflection and prefiguration of the possibilities of organization of everyday life in a given historical moment; a complex of aesthetics, feelings and mores through which a collectivity reacts on the life that is objectively determined by its economy.”

Internationale Situationniste #1 (Paris, June 1958).

More on the Arts

Arts and Culture Community Links - Humboldt

Art and Education

And also....

Whale Gulch School
Feet First Dancers
Jane Lapiner – choreographer
David Simpson – playwright
Sheila & Jesse – musicians
Jerry Martien – poet and teacher
Anna Banana – activist and musician
Backwoods Jazz Association – Garberville
Les Scher – musician, attorney and writer
Jazz on the Lake – Benbow
Rod Deal and the Ideals – musicians

Darryl Cherney – activist and musician
Joani Rose – actor, songwriter and director of Mateel Community Center-based Recycled Youth theater program
Al “Owl” Ceraulo – actor, director, playwright and screenwriter
Music for Little People – music production and distribution
Bembe Records – music production and distribution – Redway
David Peñalosa

Culture: Broadcast and Publication

And also....

Star Root – periodical, newspaper format
Country Activist
North Star News
Green Fuse – periodical, newspaper format
Community Access TV – Arcata