The countercultural ethos of the 1960s and 1970s played a pivotal role in catalyzing activism within the back-to-the-land movement in Northern California. Rooted in a questioning of mainstream societal norms, the counterculture fostered a collective yearning for alternative lifestyles characterized by a harmonious relationship with nature and a commitment to communal living. Influenced by principles of environmental sustainability, self-sufficiency, and a disdain for consumerism, individuals gravitated towards rural landscapes, seeking to establish intentional communities that embodied these values. The back-to-the-land movement thus emerged as a manifestation of countercultural ideals, transforming a cultural rebellion into a tangible and socially conscious endeavor. This synergy between counterculture and activism in Humboldt not only reshaped the area’s socio-cultural landscape but also contributed to the broader narrative of grassroots movements advocating for ecological awareness and alternative social structures.

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ACORN Alliance
Forest Lands and Products Cooperative
Casa del Corazon – Redway foster home for girls founded by Sheila Hahn
Women in Shelter
Redwood AIDS Information Network
Paul Encimer – peace and advocate for the poor
Hospice of the Redwoods
Town Square – Garberville
Pacific Justice Center – activist law firm

Mel Pearlston – attorney and civil rights activist
Ron Sinoway – attorney and civil rights activist
Bonnie Blackberry – civil rights activist
Ruby Valley Co-op – food and sundries outside Redway, closed 1980s
Citizen Observation Group