Anna Hamilton: What's After Pot?

Lily Aquarian with baby Journey Binah Aquarian, born at 6:08am, March 5, 1975.

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National media scrambled to Redway, California’s Mateel Community Center in 2010 because one woman succeeded in rallying several Humboldt County agencies and stakeholders to publicly discuss “What’s After Pot.” Anna Hamilton, a musician and activist, recently donated her private archive of the event’s records, ephemera and emails to HAPA. Nearly all is now available to download here.
These documents provide an account of the historic changes underway in California’s ‘Emerald Triangle’ on the cusp of legalization. It was a time when the term marijuana was still frequently used for cannabis. The “What’s After Pot” binder reflects a story of determined individual activism and a community organizing to develop a collective vision of resiliency in the face of profound transformations.