Anna Hamilton
What's After Pot (WAP)?2010 Binder

Union Local 13 Cooperative

“Let’s start planning our future for this alternative agricultural revolution! Of the people, by the people, for the people!”

From the brochure “Medicinal Use Is Not Abuse” by Union Local 13, a California Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation, March, 13th 2010.

Keep it grassroots, encourage local cultivation, employ local workers, establish good working conditions, fair and afford­able fees and easily accessible locations for collectives and most important keeping quality high and costs low for the patients who use our products.

Even if it is legalized, Marijuana products will still need to be regulated, have quality stands1rds in place to make sure it is pure and low cost to patients who may not otherwise be able to readily obtain it. And for the safety of the general public.

Don't Leaf Us Out!

Anna Hamilton WAP

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Let's start planning our future for this alternative agricultural revolution!...


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