UC Berkeley Academics and Local Figures Join Forces in Arcata to Discuss Humboldt Counterculture History

It’s More Than Homesteads and Tie-dye

Humboldt Area Peoples Archive (HAPA) is hosting an evening of discussion and entertainment focusing on the innovative people risking it all to make change–with local and national impacts. What happened here was bold.  Here in Humboldt County, groundbreaking actions seeded economic development, environmental protection and cultural inclusiveness. 

Guest academics include Greg Castillo, a leading UC Berkeley scholar of design history and co-curator of the “Hippie Modernism” exhibition at BAMPFA (Berkeley Art Museum and Film Archive) and Ruth Dusseault, artist and journalist who has done pioneering work on today’s Off-the-Grid movement. “Few historical phenomena that have had as great an impact on all aspects of our life, have also gone without acknowledgement or serious consideration,” said Professor Castillo. “In my field, only recently have scholars begun to take seriously counterculture’s innovations in architecture, design and ecology.” Our guest speakers will join a panel of Humboldt artists and activists that include

  • Leslie Castellano, Eureka City Council member and executive director of the Ink People. 
  • Robie Tenorio, southern Humboldt community organizer
  • Sunshine Cereceda, daughter of forest defender, KMUD host and second generation cannabis farmer
  • Original performances by Jane Lapiner, Anna Hamilton, Eli Fowler, and Brian Swizlo

Event date and time: Wedn. 12 July 2023, 6:30PM-11:00 PM
Location:  Wrangletown Cider, 955 I Street, Arcata, CA
Free to the public, food and drinks available