The Civil Liberties Monitoring Project (CLMP) was founded 1983 in Miranda, Humboldt County, California. We have preserved here an archive of the website.

CLMP covers only issues specific to our local area on California’s North Coast.


More Task Force Members Named. 
April 23, 2008
More members of the task force that will look into code enforcement policies have been named. The three members from CLMP are Bonnie Blackberry, Liz Davidson, and Wes Juliana. Representing the county are supervisors Roger Rodoni, Jill Geist, and a county administrative office representative. The remaining three “at large” members picked by the board of supervisors are Dan Taranto (Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corporation), Jack Bernstein (Fortuna Police), and Robert Vogt (Pacific Lumber).
DA Gallegos recinds deputies’ status. 
April 23, 2008
District Attorney Paul Gallegos has recinded the deputy DA status of the two county code enforcement officers. This removes the police authority from the officers for now, although they could be deputized by another county agency or dept. 
Read an article from the Eureka Reporter newspaper (by Nathan Rushton).
Supes agenda item regarding task force. 
April 17, 2008
Summary: At the April 8, 2008 Board of Supervisors Meeting, the Board took action to form a nine (9) member Code Enforcement Task Force comprised of three (3) representatives from the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project (CLMP), one (1) representative from the CAO’s office, two (2) County Supervisors and three (3) At-Large members. The Task Force was formed to investigate issues brought before the Board concerning Code Enforcement, to review Code Enforcement policies and procedures, and then return to the Board within 45 days with findings and recommendations. Supervisor Rodoni and Supervisor Geist were appointed to serve as the two County Supervisor representatives. Criteria for selection of the At-Large Members needs to be developed. 
4/8 Board of Supes motion April 17, 2008
Read the text of the Board of Supes motion from their 4/8 meeting.
CLMP presentation to Board of Supes 
April 13, 2008
Bonnie Blackberry’s presentation outline for Civil Liberties Monitoring Project @ Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on April 8, 2008. Click here.
Legal fund established to look into legal issues around code enforcement. 
April 13, 2008
CLMP has started a legal investigation fund to look into legal issues of civil and property rights relating to code enforcement practice and policies, which could lead to litigation if necessary. Account #1556 @ Garberville Credit Union. Or you can send donations to CLMP, Box 544 Redway, CA 95660.
Board of Supes get the message. 
April 8, 2008
Humboldt County Board Of Supervisors declared a 45 day moratorium on county code enforcement activities and called for the creation of a task force to look into code enforcement policy. This task force will include three members from Civil Liberties Monitoring Project, three from the community at large, and several from county board and agencies. More details coming…
CD’s of the Friday, 4/4 meeting at the Vets Hall. 
April 7, 2008
If you are interested in purchasing a CD recording of the town meeting held at Garberville Veterans Memorial Building on Friday April 4, 2008, regarding Humboldt County Rural Code Enforcement, please contact the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project at 707-923-4646 or email us at We are also working on a transcript of the meeting which will also be available soon.
April 6, 2008
If anyone feels that their rights may of been violated or they were treated improperly by code enforcement, we would like to get a statement from you, to help gather information and document any wrong doing. Please call our office @ 707-923-4646. Your statement will not be released to anyone without your consent.