The Civil Liberties Monitoring Project (CLMP) was founded 1983 in Miranda, Humboldt County, California. We have preserved here an archive of the website.

CLMP covers only issues specific to our local area on California’s North Coast.

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Task Force Meeting #8…

Code Enforcement Task Force Meeting
August 1, 2008 – 9:00 A.M until 2:00 P.M.

Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s Chambers
825 5th Street, Eureka, CA 95501

Johanna Rodoni Second District Supervisor
Phil Smith-Hanes Asst. County AdministrativeOfficer
Bonnie Blackberry Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
Liz Davidson Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
Wes Juliana Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
Dan Taranto At-Large Representative
Jack Bernstein At-Large Representative
Robert Vogt At-Large Representative

1. Call to Order

2. Documents distributed to CETF members.
a. Draft Catalogue of documents CETF received.
b. DVDs of the April 8, 2008 BOS CEU Hearing.
c. Transcript April 8, 2008 BOS CEU Hearing Part 1.
d. Yee Haw Warrants & Complaint.

3. Actions affirmed on July 25, 2008.
a. Noted board postponement of agendizing CETF request regarding Yee Haw until August 5.
b. Noted that on July 22 Supervisor Woolly withdrew his motion to suspend CETF meetings.
c. CETF critique first draft findings on CEU Manual and Statement of Responsibilities presented by Dan Taranto.
d. CETF Received presentation of analysis memo dated July 8 by Wes Juliana.
e. CETF to have a scoping session on work remaining on Aug. 1.
f. Received letter from Humboldt Land Title Co. requesting clarification and correction of incomplete information presented to CETF by CDS Director Kirk Girard on July 18.
g. Received letter from Charles Ciancio in conjunction with testimony to CETF.
h. Received Housing Element Annual Progress Report for 2006 highlighting existence of regulatory constraints to Humboldt County Housing and adopted remedial Policies that are not being implemented per oral testimony submitted.

4. New business from July 18, 2008
a. Brief Brown Act workshop with County Counsel.
b. Scoping session regarding possible scheduling of work remaining and invited guest list of county officials to provide information to the CETF.
c. Receive and discuss Analysis memo from Wes Juliana dated July 24, 2008.
d. Critique First Draft Findings on Inspectionwarrants and Complaints prepared by Bonnie Blackberry dated July 28, 08.
e. Critique Second draft findings on CEU Manual & Statement of Responsibilities based upon July 25 CETF critique.
f. Review and refer list of clarification questions to be directed to the CAO for response as prepared by Dan T. July 26.
g. Discuss Letter from Humboldt Land Title Company to presented to CETF on July 25 to CDS Director Kirk Girard for comment.
h. Draft Findings from Robert Vogt dated July 22, 2008.

5. Collaborate on CETF Agenda for August 8, 2008 meeting.

6. Public Comment before lunch break and again, if needed, before adjournment.

7. Adjourn.