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HAPA’s collections offer an unmatched dive into the extraordinary cultural changes from the 1960s to now in Humboldt and the Emerald of Triangle.

At no time since Euro-Americans expropriated the region’s Native American first-settlers has protecting the earth, and fostering a more just society and culture, been actively pursued by so many individuals, associations, and businesses. In large part, this is thanks to the political efforts of sixties-generation local Native American activists, hippies, environmentalists, dropouts, Leftists, LGBTQ people, and artists, whether homegrown or transplants to the region.

Without our intervention, these unique materials will disappear.

Over the past 5 years, HAPA has acquired over 250 cubit feet / 120 boxes of archival material including posters, oral recordings, publications, videos, games, photos, campaign materials, T-shirts and other objects. We are the custodians of the life’s work of many key figures in recent history, such as Joan Schirle of Dell’ Arte International, and of projects like the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project. 

Today, authoritarian threats to democracy are growing across the US and indeed the world. The climate crisis is upon us. For both political and environmental reasons, we believe there is an urgent need to preserve, study and make accessible the rich evidence of citizen engagement and creative expression from the 60s to now in Humboldt.

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