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Salmon Ceremony Oral Histories Exhibit

Embark on a journey of renewal! Come to the Grand Opening of the Salmon Ceremony Oral Histories: An Interactive Exhibit. Curated by the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive, this ground-breaking exhibit gives you an interactive experience of the Salmon Ceremony. Listen to the voices of Ruth and Barry speak about the meaning of the ceremony, look at the photos at the mouth of the Mattole, and discover the regalia and other objects from the Bear River Band. Developed in collaboration with the Bear River Band, the Mattole Salmon Group, Stacy Schaefer PhD, Ai Iwane and the Humboldt County Visitors Bureau.

Freshwater-Interview with Remedy

The first time I saw this tree I was just compelled to climb, I don’t know how else to describe it. The first person sat up here for a night or two, then I came up and sat for about four days. Then I went back down to the ground. [At that point] the question I was asking myself was `What do I do? What is the most effective thing that I, personally, can do?’ All indications were that I should sit in this tree, so after being on the ground for five days I came back up. That was March 21 last year. My feet haven’t touched the ground since.