HAPA in Garberville

Exhibit Open January – March 2024

The Humboldt Area Peoples Archive (HAPA) and the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center proudly continue their collaborative journey, unveiling a captivating exhibit that delves into the rich history of midwives in Humboldt and pays homage to the famed Human Nature Theater.
Building on their commitment to preserving and promoting the unique heritage of Humboldt, HAPA and the Southern Humboldt Chamber have opened an engaging exhibit that sheds light on the pivotal role midwives play in empowering women and contributing to rural healthcare in our community. Visitors will explore the stories of back-to-the-landers, hippie innovators, and iconoclasts who left an indelible mark on the region, establishing the Redwoods Rural Health Center and fostering initiatives like Salmon Creek Community School and the Mateel Community Center.
Nicole Riggs, Executive Director at HAPA, emphasizes the significance of this exhibit, stating, “Our history is a fundamental thread uniting our community. By showcasing the impact of midwifery, rural healthcare, and cultural movements, we invite visitors to connect with our past and appreciate the transformative spirit that defines Humboldt.”
Yvonne Hendrx, Executive Director of the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center, echoes the sentiment, highlighting the economic and cultural benefits of such collaborations. “This partnership celebrates the activism, culture, and innovation that have shaped Humboldt for the last 50 years. By weaving these narratives into our exhibit, we aim to attract tourists, support local businesses, and ensure the enduring legacy of our community.”
The exhibit invites visitors to explore the intertwined history of midwifery and the renowned Wolf at the Door play by Jane Lapiner and David Simpson of Human Nature Theater, offering a unique perspective on Humboldt’s cultural evolution. As a testament to the collaborative spirit of HAPA and Southern Humboldt, this exhibit exemplifies their dedication to transforming local history into a valuable resource for businesses, tourism, and community enrichment.
On display until March at the Southern Humboldt Chamber and Visitors Center, 782 Redwood Drive in Garberville.