Members of the Citizens Observation Group (COG) John Boyd (hat), Bob Burke (yellow shirt), Ted Kogon (blue jacket), Al 'Owl' Cerraulo (armband)

HAPA Audio Library

With our new multi-media platform, which will provide access to a wealth of audio and video files, you’ll be able to explore the rich history of Humboldt’s counterculture and back-to-the-land movement.

We are gradually adding to this platform for public access to the audio files in our archive.

Name Description People Format
Garberville Marimba Band.mp3
"Emerald Forest" by the Garberville Marimba Band, 1989 cassette tape. 46 minutes.
Sheila Hahn
2018.02.005 10.22.1993 CLMP Annual Membership Meeting
This recording tells the CLMP origin story.
Ron Sinoway