Community Currency Directory

First Issue May 2023, Vol 1 No 1

In Each Other We Trust

Humboldt County: Where the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average!

Community Currency Comes to Town!
This is the first edition of the Arcata Bay Bioregion’s Community Currency Directory!
Humboldt County now has its own local, paper, currency! This currency will be used to subsidize the wages of any worker in Humboldt County who earns less than $10 per hour. 
Why Create Community Currency?
It’s a great day when you find you are doing your passion as your paid job. It’s a really great day when you are being paid a living wage to do what you love. The goals of creating Community Currency and this Directory are to encourage you to find your passion, decide to pursue your passion as our life’s work AND to get paid well for doing so. Over the coming year, I plan to directly subsidize the wages of 1,200 workers in Humboldt County who make less than $10 per hour (a minimal living wage for this area), help to create at least 1,200 part-time jobs that pay at least $10 per hour, support and help build dozens of local small businesses and help our bioregion become more independent of the state and national (depressed) economies while building the health and strength of our local economy. 

Community Currency Vol. 1 No 1 - HAPA Archive

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