Tree-Sitting in Freshwater
Names of Trees

Forest defender Justice on branches above the platform in Allah. Allah’s height: 220 feet. Age: approximately 1500 years. 

Anastasia, Everstine and Diversity right before dusk, April 2003. Picture taken from Greenwood Heights Rd.

Tadger wrapping wire around a “lockbox” made of steel, with welded rebars on its outer layer. The lockbox is used in defense of tree-sits: activists lock their arms inside and set the lockbox on a high branch. Picture taken in Allah. 

Abel and Tadger swinging on a rope. Just for fun.

The Trees

These are the names of some of the more than 20 trees that forest defenders fought to save from being cut down in Freshwater, Humboldt County.

Allah, location: Freshwater Upper Village. Height: 220 feet. Age: approximately 1500 years. Diameter: 13 feet wide.
location: Freshwater Upper Village.
Diversity, location: Freshwater Upper Village.
Everstine, location: Freshwater Upper Village.
Jerry, location: Freshwater Upper Village.
Jezebel, location: Freshwater Lower Village.
Open, location: Freshwater Lower Village.
location: Freshwater Lower Village. Height: 180 feet.
Shedder, location: Freshwater Upper Village.

Some of the Tree-Sitters in Freshwater 2002-3

Abel, Am’D, Annapurna, Bear, Justice, Mother, Phoenix, Remedy, Smokey, Tadger, The Dude, Willow, Wren.