Back-to-the-land Healthcare
and Childbirth

MOTHERSource: A Resource for Nurturing People

MOTHERSource was founded in 1979 by editor Karol Andersson; Assistant Editor Gena Huffer; Computer Layout J. Angus; Ad Representatives Julia Anderson and Camille Fellion; Contributing Writers Sarah Brooks-Vella, Pam Fischer, Nina Haedrich, Karen Ryce, Terri Sena and Marcy Stein; Kid’s Page Illustrations by Mykol Blackwell. 

In their first issue, they wrote that “the philosophy here is simple: parenting is the single most important thing a person can do in a lifetime. It is a huge and momentous commitment of love, and absolutely worthy of esteem. 

Sometimes mothers feel isolated, especially in the beginning. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed in the face of the near-daily crises and trauma. Sometimes the feelings are so intense that they must be committed to poetry. Sometimes we stumble upon a trick, a miracle cure, or a great idea we’d like to share with the world. 

We can connect with one another through this forum, read our thoughts and feelings in the words of another and know we aren’t alone. We can support one another, form play groups, share ideas, wisdom and lore. We can celebrate our children and our lives!”

Ephemera collection: Publications, Humboldt Area Peoples Archive.