Civil Liberties Monitoring Project

Requiem for a CAMP: The life and death of a
domestic U.S. drug war institution

Author: Dominic Corva
Publisher: The International Journal of Drug Policy #25, 2014

Excerpt from the paper:
“Local citizens, especially those who had been participating in the anti-nuclear movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s, used their knowledge of nonviolent resistance and organizing to create community-based Citizen Observation Groups, or COG. COG teams would assemble at CAMP raids to document legally problematic CAMP procedures, gathering evidence that would later be used by a legal team, CLMP, to file lawsuits against CAMP. A legal injunction filed by CLMP slowed CAMP down in 1984,and with the threat of legal action CAMP was pushed to professionalize its tactics, to some degree. Although CAMP reports contested such representations, the success of CLMP lawsuits suggest otherwise.”


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