Freshwater-Interview with Remedy

The first time I saw this tree I was just compelled to climb, I don't know how else to describe it. The first person sat up here for a night or two, then I came up and sat for about four days. Then I went back down to the ground. [At that point] the question I was asking myself was `What do I do? What is the most effective thing that I, personally, can do?' All indications were that I should sit in this tree, so after being on the ground for five days I came back up. That was March 21 last year. My feet haven't touched the ground since.

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Petols – Design

 The Petols produced by Petrolia resident Ken Young featured engravings of bicycle transport, farming, windmills, hydropower wheels, a pot leaf, dedicated to “a sustainable society." They were encircled by the words "economy," ecology," and "culture," which Young considered indispensable for  a self-governing community.

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In 2007, the maverick Petrolia resident Ken Young, a climate scientist, took a bold step by investing a significant portion of his personal savings to establish the Petol. He produced coins made of pure silver, aiming to enhance self-sufficiency in the Mattole valley. 

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