Joan Schirle Women and Masks

Women and Masks is an international, web-based arts-research conference hosted by Boston University. It is free and open to anyone and attendees can register for single or multiple events. The conference, which will take place across four weekends during the 2021–2022 academic year, explores the myriad intersections of the subjects masks and women. The pairing is intended to create a thematic, yet open-ended framing, giving rise to juxtapositions and rapprochements, generating unexpected insights. These insights are expected to lead to a rich inquiry into the significance of masking practices as they connect to women.

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Joan Schirle in Bali. Sacred masks.

Joan Schirle Bali

Joan Schirle established and led 20 of Dell’Arte’s unique one-month study trips to Bali for traditional performing arts (topeng, dance, mask carving, and shadow puppetry), taught by Balinese masters.

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