John Boyd (hat), Bob Burke (yellow shirt), Ted Kogon (blue jacket), Al 'Owl' Cerraulo (armband). Cybelle Immitt identified her uncle Bob Burke in the yellow sweatshirt: "Uncle Bobby! I honestly didn’t know he was involved in this. Raised a nice east coast Irish catholic boy with my Dad and became a lawyer. He’s the only Burke that followed Jan out west. RIP Bobby!"

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At the advice of attorneys Ron Sinoway and Mel Pearston, local peace and anti-nuclear activists of the ACORN alliance led the community to found a nonprofit to take legal action on behalf of citizens. In 1983, the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project (CLMP) was born. 

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CLMP-Pot Radio

As summer looms, pot growers in the Northern California counties of Humboldt and Mendocino are preparing the ground for another growing season. Meanwhile, local, state and federal agents are poised to deploy helicopters and trucks to raid illegal operations.

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